Explosive Clearance Group B.V. regularly has to deliver customised work for a customer, sometimes even at the weekend: and if we have to, we do it!

The municipality of Dronten had to have an ammunition destruction site of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Department (EODD) cleaned up for explosive remnants of war (OO). The job came in via the firm Knipscheer Infrastructuur from Almere and it was urgent... So an ideal job for ECG.

So it could happen that, due to the pressure in our company, we could only work on Saturdays. By sieving the soil with our special, unique, secured ammunition sieving bin (Allubak) on the also secured crawler crane, the work went safely and quickly. As is usually the case, explosive remnants of war came up. These were removed: another satisfied customer!

An Allubak is a special digging bucket with steel rollers in it, to be able to dig up secure ground and immediately sift it for ammunition residue.

Here are some pictures of our sieve.

Our secure crawler crane with Allu ammunition screening bucket.

Screened scrap from the munitions destruction site.

Even 20mm/2cm artillery ammunition can be sieved.