Explosive Clearance Group (ECG) is fully certified in accordance with the Certification Scheme for the Detection of Explosive Remnants of War (CS-OOO). ECG also works in accordance with the guidelines of the future voluntary certification scheme for pre-examination and risk analysis of explosive remnants of war (CS-VROO). You can contact ECG for the entire explosives detection process: from the preliminary investigation to the approach and securing of explosives. All this in both land and water soil. In this way we guarantee that your project is carried out safely and carefully.

In addition, ECG is a member of the Explosives Detection Association (VEO), which represents professionals in the OOO industry.

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What is CS-OO?

CS-OO stands for Certification Scheme for the Detection of Explosive Remnants of War. The CS-OOO contains the requirements that a civil explosives detection company must meet in order to be certified and is enshrined in law. Certification of the detection companies was created in the 90s to ensure the safety and health of and around the explosives detection process. Since 2021 the CS-OO is in force. Every civilian explosives detection company must comply with at least subarea A or B within the CS-OOO. The CS-OOO is managed by the Vomes Foundation.

Subareas A and B

The CS-OO Certificate consists of two sub-areas, sub-area A and sub-area B. The certificate for sub-area A offers assurance that the explosives detection company complies with all the requirements for detecting explosives. The certificate for subarea B guarantees that civil engineering support also takes place in a safe and traceable manner. Explosive Clearance Group is fully certified for all sub-areas. This offers you the certainty that we at ECG can offer a suitable solution for every possible outcome of the preliminary investigation.

Other certificates

ECG is also certified and thus authorized to detect explosives in contaminated soil (BRL-SIKB 7000). ECG also has an exemption from the Weapons and Ammunition Act (WWM), is authorized to detect explosives within railroad areas (DVP) and is ECG certified in the areas of quality (ISO 9001), safety (VCA**) and sustainability (Co² performance ladder 3). In short: ECG is your partner for thorough, safe, qualitative and sustainable explosives investigation.

More information about the CS-OO Certificate?