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Explosives testing and detection

The Dutch soil still contains a large number of unexploded bombs, grenades, mines and other munitions from the Second World War. The condition of these explosive remnants of war (OO) deteriorates under the influence of weather conditions and groundwater. This creates risks during construction and development projects: both from a safety point of view and in financial terms. It is therefore important to start your project with an explosives survey, because prevention is better than cure.

Explosives Research

The explosives investigation includes a thorough preliminary investigation, based on facts from various historical sources. Explosive Clearance Group (ECG) distinguishes itself in explosives research by using additional (international) source material in all cases. This assures you of reliable and expert advice. As an option, a Risk Analysis can be drawn up following the Preliminary Investigation. The Risk Analysis describes the results of the Preliminary Investigation in relation to the intended soil interventions, in order to recommend a suitable cost-saving implementation method.

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Explosives Detection Ooijen - Wanssum

Explosives Detection

Based on extensive specialist knowledge and years of experience in the area of detecting explosives, ECG can provide a clear picture of your specific soil situation. If the preliminary investigation shows that detection of the area is necessary, ECG has the right professionals to carry out each phase of the explosives detection. Subsequently, the area can be remediated by approaching and securing the explosives.

    Environmental Manager Sweco Nederland B.V.

    " The Explosive Clearance Group's Preliminary Investigation Department is a professional and pleasant group of people to work with. The quality of the preliminary investigation and advice is high and complies with the most recent regulations. Besides the fact that we are very satisfied with the work of ECG, their work also contributes to the satisfaction of our own customers. "
    Lotje Egmond

    Project Manager Arcadis Nederland B.V.

    " In various roles I was allowed to use ECG as an advisor on conventional explosives, both from a secondment role with governments and from Arcadis. Nothing but praise: fast and efficient, flexible when necessary, a deal is a deal and thinking along with the client. "
    Henk Hazelhorst

    Operational Environment Manager Mooder Maas

    " Mooder Maas (Dura Vermeer - Ploegam) is doing business with ECG for OCE research because of their expertise in this field. The contractors have been working with ECG for years on previous projects. Through their experience, ECG knows what is and what is not possible. The flexible attitude towards our work results in good mutual cooperation. "
    Stijn Rutten

    Project Manager Aircraft Salvage Municipality of Echt-Susteren

    " ECG carried out the aircraft salvage operation to the full satisfaction of the client. ECG also promptly and expertly handled all peripheral matters and additional work. Thinking along in problem solutions is also a strong side of ECG. All this ensures that ECG unburdens the client. The equipment and chain park was of (very) high quality and looked like new. The work area was neat and tidy at all times. The employees of ECG are also proud of their work and it shows. This passion radiates expertise and confidence. We heard this signal from several angles, also from external parties. "
    Peter Kempkens

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