A fun and exciting project with special finds is a short description that is very fitting for the investigation at Volkel. ECG detected and interpreted several objects on the site. These objects were then approached layer by layer and interesting finds were made, including fuel tanks from a Typhoon, 250 lbs target markers, concrete bombs and ammunition from 500 lbs to 1000 lbs(see objects found).

The detonators of the bombs were removed using a so-called 'missile clamp plate' by the EODD. This system ensures that the detonators on the bomb are rotated out at such a high speed that the detonator has insufficient time to take effect. During this process, there are a range of factors that influence the dismantling. In order to be able to safely dismantle the 500lbs and 1000lbs aerial bombs, ECG built two mound constructions in close consultation with the EODD(see mound construction).

After dismantling, the bombs were transported to a suitable location to be safely destroyed by the EODD(see destruction).

During the trials, many beautiful photos were taken of the objects encountered, the bombs, the construction of the mound structures and, finally, the destruction. These photos are shown in the three tabs below. The project went smoothly and ECG would like to thank the State Property Company, the EODD and Vliegbasis Volkel for the very pleasant cooperation.


Wesley van Rijsbergen
Project Manager Explosive Clearance Group